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Desert safari Dubai, Desert tours Dubai, off road tours Dubai

Self Drive Desert Safari
Self Drive FJ Cruiser Safari – Adventure Unlimited
100% off road fun! Get captivated by the rugged adventure of this exciting self drive off-road tour!! Drive a FJ Cruiser following a guided trail to explore the wonders of the Dubai desert on this self-drive adventure.
Desert Safari Hummer
H2 Hummer Tours

The ultimate desert experience! Explore the sprawling desert in this powerful machine. This trip akes you in to the amazing sand dunes out of the city. Choose from one of the many desert safari option on our H2 Hummer.

Sand Buggy Safari
Sand Buggy Safari
Jump into our fully roll-caged sand buggies and give it a gutful over the vast dunes! The wheels spin and the sand flies as you ride one of our twin-seater, 800cc buggies to set off on an adventure like no other. Following your guide, wander through the windblown, trackless dunes in these totally safe and comfortable automatic dune buggies
Quad Bike Riding

Quad Bike/ATV Safari

Join us for the quad experience of a life time! Drive through the ever changing dunes, following a guide, weave through the trackless desert, tackling both low and high dunes.

Boat Riding Dubai

Aqua Tours

Choose from our selection of different sized boats. Take a tranquil and peaceful sail along the coastline of Dubai to get  a closer look at the unbelievable wonders of Dubai or go fishing in one of the best fishing destination of the world.

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